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MP3elf Network Audio Systems
The MP3elf is a low-cost Ethernet connected MP3 player that receives a MP3 stream from a local area network server and delivers it to amplified speakers or a Hi-Fi system. Unique custom applications may be developed on request.

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MP3elf Network Audio Kits
Smart Door Controllers
Smart Door Controllers The Embedded Intellect Door Security Controllers are intelligent door controllers that cache door access permissions in real time from a central server. Each low cost controller can handle numerous door interfaces at various remote locations via a RS-485 communications loop. These door security devices can be integrated with Building Management controllers to provide for a total system solution.
Advanced Teletext Decoder Units
Advanced Teletext Decoder Units These decoder units allow reception of custom information via the Vertical Blanking Interval of a television signal. Features include data compression, strong encyption, and subscription management for content. Complex graphical displays, music, videos, advertising, and other custom multimedia content can be delivered and controlled from a central point.

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